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Packing for Tali

Well, it’s late, and I better start packing. Bye-bye, if anyone’s reading this! I’m off to Tali Beach in Batangas for some sun, sand, sleep, and scuba-diving! Be back in 2001.

Arminian Girls

Whoops, looks like Russ got hit by that sexy Armi/enian girls search again. What he doesn’t know is, that was probably me this afternoon: going through his archive, happening across that entry, and trying the search term for myself to see if his blog really would turn up — which it did. So I clicked […]

Senatorial Consternation

I just saw the lineup of candidates for senator here in the Philippines, and it doesn’t look good. Among the big names are Dong Puno, Noli de Castro, Alfredo Lim, Orly Mercado, Ronnie Zamora, and reelectionists Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan. Many of them with more background in showbiz than in politics or law, […]

Going to the beach tomorrow

Going to the beach tomorrow with the folks. It’ll be wonderful to get out of Manila. Hopefully we can get some scuba diving done. Fun, fun. (Even if it’s with the folks. ^_^ ) Nyerk, I can’t believe I just used that smiley. Too much blog-surfing. ^_^

Annoying Production Problems

There are two things I hate when working in advertising and TV production related services. 1. Producers who submit incomplete requirements, then submit a completely revised list of semi-completed requirements much, much later on, so that the whole project needs to be revised one day before deadline. During Christmas break. 2. VTR technicians who don’t […]

Work finally begins

Whoops, I will now have to get offline to digitize a TV commercial. Work begins.

Smelly sheepherders

Just went on a semi-spree; blogging-spree, that is, looking at blogs. I found a few nice Christians with blogs; I’ll add them to the menu now. I know what this person means, about atheists and agnostics who speak out against God and the Christian faith. Too often have I read threads in PEX or other […]

Rocko’s Modern Life

I love Rocko’s Modern Life; it’s one of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen. I like it better than Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, The Powerpuff Girls, and… um… well, it’s a tie with Dexter’s Lab, I suppose. The adventures of Rocko, the Australian immigrant wallaby, take their cues from the trials and tribulations […]

The Gas Stove Miracle

Last Christmas (1999), I won a single range gas stove at the company Christmas party. I had no need for it, so I left it in my room, unwrapped and forgotten for the whole year. Two weeks before this Christmas, I spied the package sitting on my bottom shelf, so I took it out, dusted […]

Christmas 2000

Merry Christmas! While I tinker with the CD-walkman I got from my parents, I look enviously at the Palm IIIe they gave my brother. Wah. I wanna Palm IIIe too. Hee hee, I’m just kidding. Must … quell … materialistic urges …