“Gloria, Gloria…”

Back from church! Despite my poor rest last night, today has been an invigorating day, praising and glorifying God in song and worship. Just one more week to the Christmas cantata at GCF South Metro! Any of you reading this, I have free tickets: four for the 3pm matinee and four more for the 7pm gala. Interested?

No irony is lost on the choir that the theme song of our cantata (which goes, “Gloria, Gloria, Glory to God on high!”) is also the name of our country’s upstart vice-president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who is actively campaigning to unseat the current incompetent-in-power, Erap Estrada. Especially funny is what I call the “prophetic” last line of the anthem: “So rise and shine, your light has come, praise the Chosen One… Gloria!!!” Of course we’re talking about the glory of Christ’s birth here, but it sure sounds like Gloria is the “chosen one,” doesn’t it?

If I could change our anthem, I probably would, considering the political situation. Then again, perhaps I wouldn’t. = )