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Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Spent the Thanksgiving long weekend up in New Jersey with Amy’s folks. There was turkey, of course. I also learned about how olives and celery as traditional American Thanksgiving fare. (You can see it on the plate at upper right.) On Saturday we ran up to New York City for a bit to see El […]

Fourth of July Weekend in NJ/NYC

Fourth of July in New Jersey presented an opportunity to test out how well Google Glass captures fireworks. It was pretty fun to be able to record video while also looking at the explosions rather than checking a screen constantly. (With thanks to brother-in-law Bob for driving us to Nomahegan Park to see the show.) […]

Easter of the Lamb Cake

We drove up to New Jersey for Easter, where Amy’s mom had bought and cleaned out an 80 year old cast-iron cake mold in the shape of a lamb to make an Easter Lamb Cake. We watched a video of Fr. Ray Kelly, the now-famous Singing Irish Priest: My brother-in-law Bob introduced us to “Viking […]

Christmas Photos 2013

Christmas scenes from around DC this December: And from around New Jersey, where we spent Christmas with Amy’s folks: Also this Santa Claus-themed Christmas card is the most brilliant riff on Matisse’s The Dance I have ever seen:

Thanksgiving 2013

We drove up to New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, leaving early Thanksgiving morning to be on the road behind the previous evening’s rush. The drive was mostly up I-95, arriving in time for the dog show and Thanksgiving dinner. Ever since our Thanksgiving Tenement Museum weekend the following Friday has become a […]

NJ/NYC Labor Day Weekend

Visited Amy’s parents in New Jersey for the long Labor Day weekend. First time driving the Fiat 500 up that far, and it performed admirably. On Saturday we went to New York to drop by The Metropolitan Museum accompanied by Amy’s brother and his fiancee, taking the train in from Elizabeth Station. I’ve always loved […]

Chocolate and Relatives

Had a fun weekend visiting relatives in Connecticut for a mini-family reunion, and dropping in on Amy’s parents for Father’s Day. But first, a detour through Hershey, PA, to stop at Chocolate World. Relegated these days to a marketing sideshow near the main attraction of Hersheypark, Chocolate World is home to the famous Chocolate Factory […]

Christmas in NJ

Spent Christmas in New Jersey with Amy’s family. Darth Vader and Yoda were on the Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving 2012

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Our last experience on Amtrak had been a crowded mess, and I wanted to see if the drive up I-95 was any better. It was not. We left at 5AM and even that early the beltway was stressful. The New Jersey Turnpike was a monotonous […]

NYC Art Walk

Did an art walk with Amy and her classmates around New York last weekend, mostly in Chelsea. Her class took an early “Art Bus” up from school but we skipped that and took a train up to NJ and stayed with Amy’s family a night earlier, then took an NJ Transit train into the city […]