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DC Cherry Blossoms 2014

I might have gone a bit overboard using this fisheye lens with the cherry blossoms over the weekend. The blooms were lovely and it was a nice, warm day — though the DC crowds were thicker than I’ve ever seen them, both at the Tidal Basin and at the Washington Monument grove. Also notable was […]


I recently purchased a used SEL16f28 wide angle lens and VCLECF1 fisheye converter for the Sony NEX3 from Eric Cheng, and gave the combo a try around church and DC last Sunday. I’ve found the lens combo is also good for macro shots, as evidenced by these pictures of cherry blossoms and cats. (The cats […]

Natural History Sunday

Spent Sunday afternoon after church browsing through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Did you know the Fénykövi Elephant in the museum rotunda is affectionately known as “Henry?” And the Morganucodon is named “Morgie.” Technological artifacts reveal themselves in the Gems and Minerals galleries: interactive touchscreen kiosks from the 1990s with old Apple Computer and […]

Capitol Sunset

It was one of those perfect “golden hour” moments; the setting sun shining through a hole in the clouds on the shortest day of the year, just as we were walking by the West side of the Capitol to get to the Metro. I got the picture, and mere minutes later, the tawny glow was […]

Christmas Photos 2013

Christmas scenes from around DC this December: And from around New Jersey, where we spent Christmas with Amy’s folks: Also this Santa Claus-themed Christmas card is the most brilliant riff on Matisse’s The Dance I have ever seen:


The snowstorm started while we were at church in DC two Sundays back, big wet flakes leaving a dusting on the ground by the White House. I used my new iPhone 5s to try and get slow motion clips of the snowflakes as they fell. Later in the day the snow changed to sleet and […]

Washington Monument in Scaffolding

The Washington Monument has been wrapped in scaffolding for repairs over the last couple years following the August 2011 Virginia earthquake. With the scaffolding due to come down, I dropped by the National Mall last weekend to get some photos, as the scaffolding itself does have its own visual charm. As I walked east from […]

Sunday: NatGeo and Organ

Sunday was fun: church service in the morning, and in the evening we had an inaugural concert for the newly finished First Baptist DC organ project, and in between we visited the National Geographic Museum to see A New Age of Exploration, an exhibit celebrating NatGeo’s 125th anniversary. I noticed a few mentions of the […]

Corpse Flower and Circles

We visited the Botanic Gardens on Sunday in hopes of seeing (and smelling) the famous Titan Arum “corpse flower”. Too late, alas, the flower had wilted and no offensive odors were to be had. We also ate some grilled bison and salmon with wild rice and orange beets with fennel at Mitsitam Cafe and on […]

Zoo Day

Went to the National Zoo on Sunday after church and an Indian buffet meal at Rajaji. Bit hot out so we spent more time inside the air conditioned indoor habitats. I’ve always liked the Invertebrates. Baby anemones and sea urchins! Outside the Invertebrate House, a stray deer had wandered onto the zoo grounds from Rock […]