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After the Rally

Walking around the National Mall a few hours after the Darfur Rally was over. The Mall was almost empty, except for the cleanup crews disassembling the stage and loading the parts onto trucks. A few leftover activists wandered around the Mall, still carrying signs, holding little huddled conversations. The garbage receptacles were stacked to overflowing, […]

The Busy Month of May

Busy busy weekend, and it’s going to be a busy May. Had an apartment yard sale yesterday (finally sold that comforter and phone), then there’s church and choir practice today, then the Darfur Rally, then a concert at the NGA, and just now Mom texted me to go to Best Buy and get her a […]

links for 2006-04-29

sacra doctrina: on grace (tags: faith theology) DisrictTees. Funny DC shirts. (tags: dc shirt) How to combat spam with ex-spammer Ryan Pitylak (tags: spam) Meet BVEGAN. From Metroblogging DC, a Vegan highway spotting. (tags: fun dc) Wickerpedia, the wicker encyclopedia (tags: fun wiki) Cream of Asparagus Soup. Julie’s recipe. (tags: food) A Beginner’s Guide to […]

Walking Home in Amber Light

Some photos from the walk home along the National Mall while the slanted rays of a Friday sunset tinted the monuments and buildings amber:

Mentioned on Thumbtack Press

Thumbtack Press liked my San Francisco photos, especially since I release them under a CC license. I’m happy to oblige. (The weird part is that I found this link, not from my regular scans of Technorati or Google Blog Search, but via a completely random stumble upon KBCafe, which at first glance I thought was […]

Blogger Pruning

As you may surmise from Backup Brownpau and my Blogger profile, I’ve recently done a big Blogger cleanup, pruning out dormant weblogs and repurposing the single active one into a downtime fallback. Whereas my Blogspot space has served several roles in the past, I found over time that each of those roles was best filled […]


So sorry about today’s downtime. Site 5 hardware trouble brought everything down for six hours, but their support staff has been very responsive regarding the server issues, and it looks like they managed to restore everything with no data lost. Always keep backups! Backup Brownpau is now up on Blogspot for updates during any future […]

links for 2006-04-28

NYTimes info graphic showing “standing-room” airline seats. (tags: aviation hoaxes) Airbus denies report it has plans for standing room on jets (tags: aviation) 37 Signals Job Board. 37 Signals launches web job listings. (tags: jobs) Revolution Is Officially Wii. That’s what Nintendo’s calling it? Wii? (tags: nintendo) The Cure for Information Overload is an ineffective […]

A Pause While Cleaning

Pandora stops licking herself in awkward places for just long enough to pose for the camera.

Corner Redux

Notice anything new about The Corner? One of my neighbors just moved out and was selling stuff, including a lovely old wicker rocking chair. It just barely fits, and if I rock it too far back I get Norfolk Island Pine needles in my hair, but hey, it’s a wicker rocking chair! Perfect for making […]