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Dismal and Excellent

Speaking of Goth Girls, be sure to check out Accordion Guy’s scans of Goth-themed Archie comics: “She’s Goth to Have It” (an actual Archie comic), and “Anarchie,” which seems to be an unofficial anarchist parody. When you’re ready to put on the black clothes and mascara, you can “Go Goth!” and then learn to Dance […]

The New Testament For *.*

The New Testament for New Believers. The New Testament for Men. The New Testament for Teens. The New Testament for Kids. The New Testament for Punks. The New Testament for Goth Girls. What other “New Testaments for ___” have you seen? Update: Pyromaniac has a few more here and here and elswehere, I suppose. Thanks […]

Blood Spatter

Happy Halloween or Reformation Day! The blood spatter on my site can speak to you of zombies and vampires out for brains or blood respectively, or of the spilled blood of the martyrs for the faith. Read some of Holy Office’s history on the mixed, mostly non-pagan origins of Halloween, and then check out The […]

links for 2005-10-31

Tampabay: Spiritual symbiosis: A surprising one. “Christian” church in Florida gets mixed up with Scientology education “tech.” Pastor draws line at auditing. (tags: cults religion) Scientology Garage Sale post. HolySmoke mirror of the DC Craigslist page that started it all: mentions recent secrets out of the organization, including blinkers and other invading forces. (tags: cults […]

links for 2005-10-30

Web Developer’s Handbook. Not really a handbook, but loads and loads of useful links. (tags: design css markup standards)

Stop Hiding Login!

Update: I <3 SideJobTrack. That’s all. To my dearest SideJobTrack, Livejournal, Ning, Commission Junction, and a few other websites out there: You are valuable services, and I love you all from the bottom of my heart, but I have an urgent request: please stop hiding your login forms behind javascript show/hide links! I’m very keyboard-oriented, […]

eBay “Notification Preferences”

Has anyone else noticed a lot more incoming spam “marketing” email from eBay which turns out to be authentic and not just more phishing attempts? Yeah, me too. Here’s how to kill the spam: Go to your My eBay page and click on “Preferences” under “My Account.” Click on “Notification Preferences,” which should take you […]

links for 2005-10-29

Cubite PC Speaker and 4 Port USB Hub. (tags: hardware tech) Sparkline PHP Graphing Library. Generates tiny, elegant graphs. (tags: php graphics) George Takei comes out. The actor who portrayed Mr. Sulu in Star Trek is a Gay American. What! A popular gay stage/film actor in Hollywood?! Shock! Horror! (tags: showbiz startrek) FinderPop Finder enhancement […]

links for 2005-10-28

Revver. Touted as “Flickr for video.” (tags: video free) Apple’s Rosa Parks page. (tags: mac race history) Mobile Web Design ~ The Series ~ Authentic Boredom (tags: mobile design) Raiders of the Lost Pool – Christianity Today Magazine. Archeologists may have found the biblical Pool of Siloam in a Jerusalem dig. (tags: history faith) holyoffice: […]


So I was wondering what to do with my old domain, which has sat idle and ignored since I used it for my digital art thesis on weblogs and RSS feeds over two years ago. Then I saw the big-sans-serif-on-white design of Flock, and Mathowie’s parody of it, and I thought about all the […]