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Hanging out at Hains Point

I took my newly repaired skates (replaced broken brake harness and rotated wheels) out for a spin today, going up Pennsylvania Ave to the White House, around the Ellipse and down the Mall to Lincoln Memorial, then around West and East Potomac Parks to Hains Point, where I plopped down in the grass, shot photos […]

Concert at the Capitol

(Uploaded by brownpau.) I opted to skip the Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol and go skating instead, so you can stop looking for me on PBS now.

links for 2005-05-29

Blogcorner preacher. (tags: faith blogs) The Clown Eucharist at Trinity Church, NYC. Attack of the Clowns. The idea is to use clowns to simulate “foolishness” for Christ. It’s “postmodern” worship carried to farcical extremes. (tags: faith) Letterboxing. Open community treasure hunting with rubber stamps and cryptic clues. (tags: fun) PHP Trackback script. (tags: php xml) […]

The DC Weather Bubble

I was so sure it was going to rain. The radar showed angry red patches of precipitation moving east-northeast from Virginia towards the District. As I walked around the Capitol Reflecting Pool, a brisk south wind rustled the trees, and gray cumulonimbus clouds loomed in the west*. But it didn’t rain. It got dark and […]

Pandora Hogs the Sheets

Behind Pandora you can see a webcam, a Norfolk Island Pine, and my pinning wall. More of her on Flickr: here and here. The peach comforter, by the way, was bought secondhand from a Dupont Circle couple for $10 via Craigslist.

links for 2005-05-28

Japanese ‘wartime soldiers’ found in Philippines. Not confirmed yet, but the article also makes mention of Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier caught in 1974 who thought the war was still going on. (tags: philippines history) LazyLaces. Fun flash and rich-media links to alleviate bandwidth guilt. (tags: flash fun blogs games) Frodo’s Cat. (Not Frodo Scat.) […]

Voyager in the Heliosheath

It’s the scientific consensus that, out at the edge of the solar system, Voyager 1 has crossed the termination shock — possibly again — and is now sailing through the heliosheath, the outer layer of our sun’s bubble of influence. That far from the sun, the solar wind “bunches up” as it slows down against […]

More from Cassini

The science and imagery coming out of Cassini at Saturn is simply staggering and beautiful. First full panorama of Titan’s surface from the descending Huygens probe. (previous imagery here.) Enceladus and the Rings almost edge-on. Dione and the Rings. Enceladus and the Rings again. Titan’s Mysterious Red Spot. Wide angle shot of Saturn’s southern hemisphere. […]

Opportunity Working Its Way Out

On Mars, Opportunity is literally spinning its wheels, carefully extricating itself from the deep sand dune it’s been stuck in for the last few weeks. The rover was going backwards at the time — they alternate forward and reverse driving due to wheel well lubrication issues — so now the rover is actually moving “forward” […]

links for 2005-05-27

Abusing Amazon images. Dynamic URL-to-image generation is fun! (tags: fun design) New Scientist: 11 steps to a better brain. (tags: health science) Ancient Roman Recipes from De Re Coquinaria, by Marcus Gavius Apicius. I think Liquanem is known today as patis, nampla, or fish sauce. (tags: history food) Collection of Antique Roman Dishes. (tags: food […]