The Horrors of National Police Week

Hey, Washington, it’s National Police Week, and you know what that means? That’s right: off-duty cops come from around the country to party hard all weekend, then roam through downtown DC drunk as skunks, bawling, brawling, and generally making noisy, boisterous fools of themselves. Last year they were drag racing up and down North Capitol Street, setting off car alarms all over the area and keeping people in nearby hotels and apartments awake till dawn.

This archived email on a humor site describes National Police Week as “law enforcement’s version of spring break.” Only it’s not in Florida or Cancun, but in Washington, DC, centered on The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. While I respect and honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to “protect and serve,” that certainly doesn’t give them a free pass to act like churlish idiots in our nation’s capital.

Here’s hoping they behave better this weekend than they did last year.


  1. scully says:

    Why should they act any differently than all the other tourists who think DC is some sort of government Disney land?

  2. Keith says:

    National Police Week made the national news 10 years ago. Here’s a description I found:

    The NYPD’s image wasn’t improved when a few months ago dozens of cops went on a three day drunken rampage through seven hotels in Washington DC while celebrating National Police Week. During their drinking spree they disrobed and poured beer down escalator railings, then slid down while other hotel guests looked on aghast. They groped at women trying to pass by, threw food and even fired their guns out of hotel windows.

    I remember it because the incident was used as an explanation for why Bolander and Felton left Homicide: Life on the Street.