Blogger Mobile

Blogger Mobile: Blogger introduces mobile-phone-to-weblog posting. Send an MMS/email message from your cellphone to the specified email address, and Go.Blogger auto-generates a new random blogspot URL hooked to your contact information. (The URL can be changed or merged with your existing weblogs when you “claim” your number on login.) More from Blogger Buzz (with jingle), Blogger Help, Bizstone, Youngpup, and GoogleBlog. What do you think of this compared to “moblogging” via Flickr? (Crossposted to Metafilter.)

At this time, I’m still using Flickr to post from phone to weblog, but since I got my new phone, I’ve been running into minor layout issues with Flickr: issues I will detail later. Blogger Mobile could potentially help to fix these with some MT/Blogger template mashing. The question is, am I willing to spread myself that thin, posting photos between two competing services just so they display properly on one website?

For now, moBrownpau on Blogspot is my dump for mobile experimentation, holding stuff posted via the long-defunct AIM Bloggerbot, Flickr, and now Blogger Mobile.


  1. thomas says:

    i, too, have been having problems with using flickr for mobile photoes. instead of posting them directly from my phone, i’ve been sending them to flickr and then cleaning them up on a computer before posting them, which is no fun at all.

    i’ve all had problems getting gallery to work with my blog template. pfft.