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Exploding Dog. He makes surreal cartoons out of reader-submitted phrases. / webcomics Copper. Lovely monthly webcomic by Kazu Kibuishi. Shades of Calvin and Hobbes. / webcomics XMLHttpRequest baby steps. / xml js markup Pandaf Golf. Very addictive Flash projectile motion game. / flash games Perry Bible Fellowship. Webcomic, funny, very dark humor. Almost nothing to […]

New DC in Snow Photos

New photos of this season’s DC in the Snow series, with photos taken of the last two snowstorms we’ve had since January of 2005. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also check out last winter’s Pencam series of a snowy DC. As for today’s “snowstorm,” that was pretty pathetic, wasn’t it? Especially after […]


Macro shot of dried catnip. Photo taken with a Canon Powershot A400.


Today’s 022005 entry, RubensMatisse, is another classical-modern art meld, like VermeerMonet. RubensMatisse is far funnier if you know the origins of the word “Fauve,” and recognize which Rubens painting I used.

Walking Through February Snow

The Gandhi Memorial at Mass Ave and Q St NW. Light dusting, getting heavier. Berries in a snow-covered bush. DC Union Station in the snowy haze. Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A400.

Kottke: Weblog as Livelihood

A couple of days ago, seminal blogger and web artist Jason Kottke announced that he was turning his website into his full-time livelihood, paid for by the distributed support of “micropatrons.” Not “donations” or a “subscription fee,” mind you — he’s still making his weblog publicly accessible to all, and there isn’t a “tip jar” […]


Since webcams seem to be coming back into fashion, as seen over at Kottke’s and Haughey’s, I figured I might as well revive mine. To replace the old lost Fire-I (a tragic loss, that; I’m coming to realize now just what a great webcam it was), I got a relatively cheap Logitech Quickcam. It’s nothing […]

Hats, Reffy, Jagk

Not strictly referrer spam just yet, but someone with an IP in China just clicked through to my site from the location H:/2005 key words/hat/hatimports.htm. Sounds like someone’s getting his linkfarm ready. (“Linkfarms” are those huge sites full of lists of links, usually auto-generated from search results, there to attract search engine bots and give […]

Presidential Morphs

Today’s 022005 entry is called “Presidents,” a triptych of various leaders’ morphed faces. I especially enjoyed making the first one, in which I blended Gilbert Stuart’s portraits of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson into a single man, whom I have dubbed Über-President. A Happy President’s Day to you.

Another Brave Little Squirrel

Another brave little squirrel comes right up to the lens, on the grassy field near the Peace Monument, the US Capitol, and Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenue. In the background is the monolithic Department of Labor building. And another squirrel. Photo taken with a Canon Powershot A400. Also see Supreme Court Attack Squirrel, Judiciary Squirrel, National […]