Hats, Reffy, Jagk

Not strictly referrer spam just yet, but someone with an IP in China just clicked through to my site from the location H:/2005 key words/hat/hatimports.htm. Sounds like someone’s getting his linkfarm ready. (“Linkfarms” are those huge sites full of lists of links, usually auto-generated from search results, there to attract search engine bots and give the illusion of legitimate content.)

Thanks to their uninhibited abuse of the web, Reffy, like Adminshop, now has a pagerank of zero, as evidenced by these search results. Google now has a Spam Report Form for you to notify them of similar violators.

Preemptive strike against referrer spammer. I noticed this spammer in my logs yesterday, but the domain was still unregistered — an occasional strategy among spammers wishing to confuse reverse-DNS lookups. Well, it looks like someone else bought jagk.com before the spammer could, and turned it into an antispam resource. Domain “stolen?” Well, I wouldn’t call it stealing, really; the guy bought it fair and square. I wonder how much a domain like that would fetch on eBay! ;)