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iSteth: The Ultimate Stethoscope. / fun tech NASA – Oct 27 2004 Total Lunar Eclipse Don’t know why the URL says oct13. Note the funny warning at the end. / space IRC Commands, the Basics / net A detailed history of the so-called Curse of the Bambino. / sport What is Mac OS X? Hacker-overfriendly […]

Tobacco On Trial in the NYTimes

Nice, our Tobacco On Trial weblog, (previously written about here) gets some mention in the New York Times.

Dome and Moon

These were taken with 13.2mm, f3.8, ISO 400. Anyone have tips on taking photos of the moon with a consumer-level digital camera? I can never get any detail out of it. Or will I need better equipment? Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A400.

Victory Under a Red Moon

After two or three nights of insufficient sleep, my body was too fatigued to stay up for either the historic game or the lunar eclipse, but my dreams were plagued by voices saying “Sox, Cardinals, totality, SOX, CARDINALS, TOTALITY, SOX, CARDINALS, TOTALITY!!!!!” so I had to get up and check the news — and more […]


Understanding Metrorail’s Dark Future. From DCist, a coherent and comprehensive post on the DC Metro’s midlife crisis, the worst-case scenarios which may result from its failure to adapt to age and growing ridership, and possible solutions to these developing transit woes. Just last night (after a great meal of 15-cent wings with Salim at The […]


What Was The Question? In which I dredge up the work from my days as a MICA student. Most of it is salvaged from my original student space. Aside from the Strangelover, there isn’t a whole lot of new material, but the aim is to reawaken my inner digital artist and start reinspiring some interactive […]

Titan Flyby 1

Today, Cassini made its closest approach yet to Titan, which I call Saturn’s Fuzzy Moon. The pictures will be coming in tonight, and maybe now we’ll know if the moon really does have oceans of oil*, in which case we’ll soon be invading. (* Yes, yes, I know, they’re not strictly oils made from the […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Panda bears, that is. And a Zebra. Seen at the National Zoo. If you’re in DC, be sure to view the tiger cubs, out and about every morning. Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A400.

WMATA: The Last Straw

Today, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority kept me waiting in a Metro station for almost as long as it would have taken to walk to my destination — unacceptable even with the NewYoFla single tracking situation. Last Friday, hour-long delays due to a broken track forced me to walk to and from work. The […]