The more I read about what a paragon of masculine physique Wyclif is turning into since he switched to a job hefting hardware around the great outdoors, the more I wonder if I should turn my next career shift towards more muscular domains. Outside of web development and graphics, my two physical areas of focus are inline skating and SCUBA diving. Anyone got ideas for a career along those lines? Bonus points for something which combines the two skills mentioned.


  1. Wyclif says:

    “Paragon of masculine physique?” Haha, when I saw that pop up in the feed I was laughing.

    I’m no paragon of Herculeanism. I’m not lifting weights or anything, or subscribing to the Charles Atlas Method.

    I just noticed I could see my biceps and my abdominal muscles for the first time in about 2 years. But it is good to get out of the cube for a change.

  2. daniel says:

    You’d have to move here to California to take those two activities seriously (here or Hawaii, take your pick). =)

    Belated birthday greetings!