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The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel / literature Plone / cms HUGE ancient hard drive via Boing Boing / fun Regular Expressions PHP Tutorial / php We Try and We Try and We Try And you still don’t get those GMail invites. HAW! / fun KerryTubbie / politics fun Real Ultimate Presbyterian Power!!! / […]

Odd Eyes

Pandora is what Persian breeders call an “odd-eyed white,” with one blue eye and one green eye. One result of this genetic quirk is that odd-eyed whites have super-sensitive hearing. (As opposed to blue-eyed white Persians, which tend to be deaf.) Some days she can hear me coming out of the elevator down the hall, […]

Uncle Me

So yes, I’m an uncle. Everyone expected it would be me or Francis who would help bring Mom’s first apo* into the world, but that honor goes to one of my younger brothers. I won’t go into the sordid details, but suffice it to say that we’re all quite happy, though said younger brother has […]

Towed Trolley

Earlier today, just as I was reading this news story about an Old Town Trolley catching fire in Georgetown, a tow truck passed right by our office on P Street, towing aforementioned Old Town Trolley.

Razormouth 1, Dilbert 0

Long before Scott Adams came up with this joke, Razormouth had already done it better. (What happened to Razormouth? It’s all pundit-ish now.)

Amy’s Plum

Amy (who can’t update too often right now because she’s on dialup through a non-Mac-compatible PC) has a new still life painting up: a plum. Update, 2006: I revamped her site and all the Blogger content is lost to the ages. Sorry!

Introversion and Ennui

Found via Valerie, a couple of missives on introversion: Musings of a Former Wallflower and Musings of a Present Introvert. My friends from college and after-college can attest to my gradual transition from relationally clueless introversion to relative witty sociability through the course of the years, owing to the influence of a girlfriend plus a […]

Get Fruity

Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-control Lord, teach me.

More DC Sunsets

Sunset over the Woodley Park area, seen from the Connecticut Ave bridge over Rock Creek. Late afternoon’s shadows lengthen through the arches of Union Station. Setting sun peeks out from behind the Rhode Island Ave Metro station as a train approaches. (Also see last year’s Monument Sunset.) Photos taken with a Palm Zire 71.

Mikoid at the Palace

Very nice: Mike over at Rush Hour Hell is rubbing elbows with people in power at Malacañang (the Philippine Presidential palace), and got some clandestine photos while he was there. I’ve been to Malacañang just once, on a field trip way back in fifth grade, in 1987, just a year after the EDSA revolution. The […]