Amy’s Plum

Amy (who can’t update too often right now because she’s on dialup through a non-Mac-compatible PC) has a new still life painting up: a plum.

Update, 2006: I revamped her site and all the Blogger content is lost to the ages. Sorry!


  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    What happened to the other plum and the glass of water?

  2. dave says:

    Out of sheer morbid curiosity, what does her using a PC have to do with her not updating? Is your blog software Mac only?

    Also, are there two flavors of PC, Mac compatible and non-Mac compatible?

    Lastly, are Mac’s not personal computers? :P

    (ok, I’m done, honest :)

  3. Paulo says:

    Her blog is all graphical, and she transfers her JPEGs with old Zip disks. (Too much trouble to burn a whole CD for each image, and the Mac has no floppy drive.) The Windows PC refuses to read Zips that have been through a Mac, and vice versa.

    (Not to mention that photoblogging via AOL dialup is a mind-numbing experience to say the least.)

  4. Is that “Amy’s plum” as in “the plum that belongs to Amy” or “Amy’s plum” as in “Amy is plum (as in “choice” or “highly desirable”)”? ;^)

  5. Mike says:

    AOL? Eww.

    What about a USB flashdrive/jumpdrive/whatever? Would that be readable by both?

  6. Paulo says:

    Both, Valerie. :D

  7. I knew that, really. ;^)