Uncle Me

So yes, I’m an uncle. Everyone expected it would be me or Francis who would help bring Mom’s first apo* into the world, but that honor goes to one of my younger brothers. I won’t go into the sordid details, but suffice it to say that we’re all quite happy, though said younger brother has quite a struggle ahead of him. Circle of life and all that. Pray for him; he’s in need of much blessing.

The Fonz.Mom sent me a photo of the child at five minutes old, but she doesn’t like that photo and won’t let me publish it to my blog. His name’s Alfonso, but I’ve nicknamed him THE FONZ and am searching for a nice baby-size leather jacket. ‘Eeey.

(* Build your Tagalog vocabulary! Apo n. grandchild. Pronounced with stress on second syllable; otherwise you’re referring to the mountain.)


  1. anj says:

    oooh! uncle ordo. uh, wait, that’s like all the uncles in your family. uncle pau! sounds cool. oh, happy days!