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Psalm for a Bad Day

I’m having one of those days. Do you ever get those days, where everything seems to be spilling, leaking, staining, crashing, breaking, or getting stuck? I came home from the airport last night to cat poop in the bathtub, a houseplant mutilated by said cat, steam leaking from the radiator, a trash can crawling with […]

Morning Congee

Hong Kong Airport again. I am eating pork-and-century-egg congee as I sit by the window at the terminal junction, watching planes on the tarmac and tapping into the wireless internet leaking out of the VIP lounge.

Off the Grid

Except for the occasional text message, I’ve been “off the grid” while travelling around the probinsya: Santa Cruz, Majayjay, Bay (“Ba-ee”), and Calamba. Making the most of my week here, reconnecting with the family, eating lots of daing and balut and sinigang and bagoong and McDo. Right now I’m in Makati, about to check out […]

Leaning over the Edge

No papers By this time, I should be in the air, on a plane to Manila to join my family in time for Christmas Eve. Instead I am here at home, and I have a story to tell. Dulles Airport is not the easiest airport to get to from the DC area. The cheapest way […]

Seagulls on Ice

“Oh, it’s iced over.” Amy and I were walking by the Capitol Reflecting Pool, on our way to Air and Space to catch a bus to the new annex in Dulles. It was bright and sunny, but the temperature being just about freezing, a good section of the pool was covered with thin ice. Seagulls […]

Freedom Peace Justice

FPJ’s website. Whois info. Any word suggestions for a Miserable Failure campaign?

Future Future-Proofing

After reading up on future-proofing MT URLs, and a brief email exchange with Ben about trackback permalink anchors, I think individual entry archives may be the way to go in the next iteration.

Cigar Box and Me

So, like, I went to Baltimore a couple of, like, weeks ago, and my girlfriend and I totally watched a Christmas concert with Valerie in it. Totally groovy. And, like, after the concert, and she, like, sang and all, I saw her cigar box handbag thing, and I was like, “I totally have to get […]


A self portrait of apprehension as I lean over the edge. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.


An inquisitive seagull approaches the food court window at Harborplace Mall, Baltimore. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.