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Not Even a Deep Red

More solar storms. Looking at the Spaceweather aurora galleries, and seeing that there have been sightings as far south as Maryland, Tennessee, and Texas, one may wonder why we still haven’t been seeing anything from Washington, DC. Light pollution is one significant factor, as is the faintness of auroras at these lower latitudes — many […]

Ambassadorial Smorgasbord

Kinko’s, 16th St and K St NW. My brother, freshly arrived from Chicago, is sending a quick fax. As he attends to the task, my cellphone rings. “Paulo, this is your aunt. Where are you?” “We’re at Kinko’s.” “Good. Come over to the Embassy at 17th and Massachussets right now.” “What’s happening?” “We’re at a […]

Ang Pagbibisita ni Kuya

Francis, previously seen here, will be visiting Washington DC from now until Tuesday. He just called from the airport in Chicago to say that he is about to board the plane, but forgot to bring extra money. So, what can a guy do in DC for five days with a budget of $4?

Don’t Answer Spam!

One reason unsolicited bulk email is getting worse and worse is because of people who answer spam, whether to buy, complain, or “unsubscribe.” Replying to spam only creates more spam.

Wiki so you don’t have to

Wiki for the CSS-discuss mailing list. I dislike mailing lists, so I’m thankful that the vast CSS-Discuss knowledge repository is available in an open and consolidated wiki format which needs no email subscription. This is something I’ll be returning to a lot. (Stumbled upon while hunting for tips on clearing CSS floats. More important info […]


Many, many thanks to Valerie for getting me the new Segway from my wishlist! It finally got delivered yesterday, and as soon as I have time I shall go take it for a read ride. And gratitude goes to Raffy as well for sending over the new spaceship. It’s shiny metal as can be.

Mimes on Film

So Raffy’s dirty secret is out: he’s a mime. But if one can look past the horror of mimeness, more important is the fact that he’s a movie reviewer, and a pretty good one at that. Even back in our Omnipost days, when we worked together as tender, young, wide-eyed associates in the back-breaking world […]

Cherub Fountain

Cherubs and a jug decorate a tiny fountain in Little Italy. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.

Asphalt Odyssey

One of the mysterious Toynbee Tiles, baked into the asphalt near Archives/Navy Memorial, 7th St. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.