Mimes on Film

So Raffy’s dirty secret is out: he’s a mime.

But if one can look past the horror of mimeness, more important is the fact that he’s a movie reviewer, and a pretty good one at that. Even back in our Omnipost days, when we worked together as tender, young, wide-eyed associates in the back-breaking world of video post-production, he had already begun to apply his sharpened wit — and his considerable design skills — to the task of critiquing film: Behold. He’s a regular Pinoy SMC.


  1. Raffy says:

    Of course, I just HAD to be the first to write a comment.

    I normally get a few dozen hits a month, but with this kind of exposure on your and Daniel’s sites, I just might be able to sell t-shirts by next week! (Yay, and then I wake up.)

    And all it took was a dollar’s worth of white cream, two hours of taping, and a lifetime of shame.