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A strange view out my window on the commuter train this morning. Railroad crossties (or “sleepers,” as the English call them) lined up for track work somewhere on the Northeast Corridor. Photos taken with a Palm Zire 71.

iBook: The Voyage Home

I’m posting from the Apple Store, where I have just retrieved my revived laptop. (The photo was taken with an iSight.)

I’m With Nolte

This just in: Scientists have concluded that Gary Busey is not Nick Nolte. I still think they’re twins, right along with Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski, and Luciano Pavarotti and John Rhys-Davies. (Remember that Sliders episode?)

“We’re not like tanga naman”

From Yugatech, an open letter to Lt/SG Antonio Trillanes IV. It’s a joke of twofold funniness; obtuse jabs against the mutineers, alongside a not-so-subtle parody of showbiz-induced upper-class Filipino cluelessness about the political issues involved. Mahal kong Lt. SG Antonio Trillanes IV, Magandang umaga. Nawa’y maigi ang iyong kalagayan d’yan sa stockade. Magpahinga ka muna […]

August is coming.

The month of August tends to be a nodal time of year for me. With the exception of my graduations from ADMU and MICA (which happened in March and May respectively), and last March’s jump, the momentous, life-changing transitions always seem to rock my existence just as August comes. It was the August after my […]

No shadow of turning

Oooh, a nice timelapse of Mars rotating (134KB animated GIF), seen from a telescope. Yup, Mars is that close. (via Spaceweather)

Makati Mutiny in the Media

“Absurdist entertainment,” says a scathing Asia Times Op-Ed piece of the Sunday mutiny — and of Filipino politics in general. Time Asia Mag has an article, from the day of the mutiny, which, on its face, seems to be about Gloria and religion, but barely even brushes the topic after the first few paragraphs. Now […]

Paluin si Lola!

Raffy, another old friend, formerly of Antiplug, is now at Yup, you heard right: Spank. Granny. Dot com. Dude.

Like a real-life wiki!

If I ever visit Brooklyn, I’ll need to check out The Free Store, a literal “giveaway” merchandise store voluntarily maintained by its own customers. (Via Kottke’s Remainder.)

Daily Flight

The Daily Flight: classy CSS design and suave content on the web builder’s art. I’m subtly reminded of Owen Briggs’ Inflight Correction. Definite linkable. (Via Zeldman.)