August is coming.

The month of August tends to be a nodal time of year for me. With the exception of my graduations from ADMU and MICA (which happened in March and May respectively), and last March’s jump, the momentous, life-changing transitions always seem to rock my existence just as August comes.

It was the August after my college graduation that I made the difficult decision to assert my independence and move out of my parents’ house to a tiny room in Parañaque, where I would spend three years of my life learning the ropes of subsistence living as a middle-class Filipino.

It was mid-August in my college freshman year that I first gave a rose to a girl — a girl who would suddenly leave me eight years later, in the same month.

August of two years ago, I left my web design position in to seek my fortune in digital archiving. During the month-long lull between jobs, I decided to take Raffy’s advice and see what the big deal was about these things he called “blogs…”

Last August, after five months living and working in Washington, DC, I moved to the third floor of a creaky Baltimore rowhouse in Little Italy, rented from an Irish painter and art teacher. The deal: he would teach me to paint, I would teach him web design. (It never really pushed through, as life got in the way, what with a year of fulltime school and work taking up every waking hour, but I’ve showed him around some Dreamweaver, at least.)

And that’s how I’ve been living for the past eleven months: study three days a week, work the other two days. After graduating last May, it turned into work every weekday, entailing a daily rail commute between Baltimore and Washington which involved anywhere from one to four trains, two buses, and no small amount of walking between Little Italy and Dupont Circle. That three hour round trip is taxing, most especially the part where I have to deal with the tribulations of Baltimore public transit. I’m bone-weary, and it shows.

August is rolling around again, and all that’s about to change.


  1. sparticus says:

    My advice for this years change is, move closer to your job. Or get a job closer to you.

  2. antifaust says:

    End of July Link-o-rama

    I’m running a tad late on my study schedule, so I decided to cut down on my surfing time. I’m planning to redesign the whole site, especially the archives part, but that will have to wait until the middle of…

  3. Raffy says:

    It’s certainly been a wild ride so far. This blogging phenomenon has allowed me to witness, almost daily, the significant (and quirky) hapennings of your life, and I’m happy to note that I’ve seen it all, or at least the parts you’ve allowed people to see.

    Retrospection aside, I think that regardless of the crap that’s gone on, you’ve done pretty friggin’ well. And at the risk (and obvious leaning) of sounding cheesy, I’m proud that you’ve handled it all beautifully.

    I just figure I would have freaked out at some point if it was me.

    It’s a great testament of how God can work in a person’s life, and a lot of people out there could take this as a message to stop *bleeping* complaining all the time about the hand they’ve been dealt.

    P.S. Thanks for the props, Pau. :) Little did I know so many years ago, that my hard-sell blabbing would lead to the existence of such a progressive weblog such as yours.

    Uh, is this the part where we hug?


  4. Jesper says:

    If you get a new job or stay with the Non-smoking thing, I figure you could try to stay with that for a few years now. You have a pretty stable ground now and more time to focus, atleast more than before.

  5. Hope you keep on blogging. The Philippines desperately needs quality Filipino bloggers. I just blogrolled you!

  6. krn says:

    you have certainly gone a LONG way, Pau. Here’s to another eventful August.

  7. My God!

    How do you make that commute? It’s bad enough to drive. Working 8 hours of day with 6 hours of round trip travelling leaves you…10 hours in your day, 5 of which I’m sure you sleep.

    More power to you. :)