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Movable Photoblog

For later reference: Tutorial for Creating a Photoblog in MT Five Step MT Photolog I will soon be resurrecting the old photolog, but it will be a long, tedious process, as my old template structure was rather cumbersome, and the photos will need to be re-uploaded, named, and captioned one by one. I’m swamped with […]

Filipino Mythology

On kuro5hin: Brief intro to Filipino folklore and mythology. (I recommend reading it with comments off.)

Kitty and Corridor

My unnamed kitty-for-a-day lives on in layout02, and layout03 replaces the old “not funky” rounded boxes. (Apparently “funky” now means other things in the markup world.)

Harry Who?

Harry Potter? Who’s that? Update: Gary Kotter!

Car? On Tracks?

It hasn’t been a day for rail travel: a car fell onto the tracks at Silver Spring Station, and both Penn and Camden lines were tied up in both directions by heat restrictions and Amtrak engine problems, effectively blocking my two main routes home. So, I was on the MARC Penn Line for almost three […]

iBook Battery Problem

(Update, Aug 2006: Info on the Apple notebook battery recall here. This entry is about an older issue.) iBook batteries are being killed, and the culprit for many (1, 2, 3) seems to be the OS X 10.2.4 upgrade. My own iBook (8 months old this 30th) is a recent victim as well, and its […]

Rene Cayetano, 68

Lia recently linked a photo of Rene Cayetano, and I was startled to see old Compañero reduced by the travails of disease to this. Well, it ended yesterday: Senator Rene Cayetano has passed on. He was 68. Paalam po at mabuhay, pareng Compañero.


OS X Panther is coming, the new G5 is out, and I just downloaded Safari 1.0 and iChat A/V. Looks like smoothed chrome and brushed metal are the standard UI skins for OS X apps and casings from here on. As I told Steve, now that Apple has done monochrome, beige, candy, clear, black, white, […]

Ionospheric Luminescence

East-coasters, watch the skies tonight for high, glowing clouds, as NASA fires rockets carrying combustible chemicals into the sky to study our planet’s ionosphere. (Via Spaceweather.) Update: Webcast page. Update 2: Oh, bah. Launch scrubbed till tomorrow night. I’m reminded, just a bit, of Projects Argus and Starfish, a series of tests in the 1960’s, […]

Vitaminaffeine Water

Glaceau has a good branding strategy going with their packaging: each variety of “vitamin water” has a witty description under its single-word name. Right now I’m drinking “Revive,” which tells me, among other things: active ingredients – see contents on label. inactive ingredients – see contents on your couch. Unlike Gatorade or V8, Vitamin Water […]