Compensatory Linkfest, Part Deux

I spent the day in New York with Amy yesterday, and am now enjoying a weekend with relatives up in Connecticut. In my absence, more content for you to peruse and ponder:

After breaking his nose by walking into a wall, Barry Manilow looks all set for what could be the biggest comedic campy-ironic comeback since Shatner.

Maid-less in Manila: DeQuiros on living the Filipino life without maids. I grew up surrounded by a whole gaggle of maids who were constantly cleaning, cooking, laundering, and generally bustling about the house. I’ve found since moving out that I am far more suited to a life where I do my own household chores, thus helping lower-class Filipinos pursue other opportunities for advancement.

– This is old, but the story of Accordion Guy and “the New Girl” is a harrowing tale of real-life drama and deception, culminating in a series of shocking revelations. The climax for me comes when he asks, “What’s the difference between HTTP GET and POST?”

The Guardian wises up a bit. Good. I myself am against Wolfowitz’s preemption policy, but pandering to standard far-left Bush-and-Oil rhetoric does not raise the level of debate one bit. (The latest Get Your War On, however, does.)

That’s it for now. I shall see you all Monday, when I can finally get the new random layouts up and running.