Compensatory Linkfest

While I’m away and/or still tweaking the blog, entertain/inform yourself with these links collected in my post-academic absence:

You Grow Girl! Gardening for dummies.

Kalsey’s Buttonmaker, a simple GUI frontend to the button image generator, which has only helped to propagate the “Buttons for Everything” meme. (I got this link through an IM from Dean Mc-K, and I am forever penitent for my failure to properly credit him when I posted the buttonmaker to MeFi.)

– Filipino movie afficionados may be interested in checking out Weng Weng’s sudden burst of popularity. Famous Filpino dwarven B-movie actor makes a sudden comeback through web video mashups, proving once again, that yes, the Filipino can. Can what? I do not know.

– Experience a Revival at Dubious Ministries! Revival of what? I’m not sure. But Bobette Shifty’s Mission to the Anglicans is not to be missed.

Dating a blogger, reading all about it, (NYTimes, reg. required) in which Rick Bruner and other bloggers discuss the perils of blogging about people they know.

That’s it, I’m off to Penn Station. More later.