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Kaycee Nicole and the Bible

Inevitably, there will be skeptics who will point out a connection between the Kaycee-Nicole affair and evangelical Christianity’s belief in a Savior whose existence and deity are derived from the text of Scripture. “See,” goes the online skeptic’s sentiment. “Kaycee touched us with her stories and her love, but in the end, even though our […]

Rubbernecking Kaycee Nicole.

There is now a Kaycee Nicole FAQ, and a Kaycee Nicole updates page in’s chatting section. In addition, Logboy has some detailed updates, including links to news stories. The Peabody Gazette, “Kaycee’s” hometown newspaper, will be running a story on this tomorrow. Isn’t this just quite the scandal? And here I am, an online […]

Kaycee Nicole was faked. Big time.

Good heavens. The Kaycee story just took a turn for the bizarre. The media is on it already, and word is flying that it’s going to make the news. From bonzo, on the MeFi thread… Kelli Swensen and the N’Sync girls created Kaycee (probably to meet boys online, etc). Julie’s photos were used because she […]

Run up 23 Floors!

I had lunch with Tiff in her office today. Only two out of four elevators were working, each with an impenetrable crowd of people already gathered around the doors. So, I went and took the stairs. Right up to the 23rd floor at a run. Oog. This doesn’t refer to me: Paulo Loves Eva. I […]

strong TV signal = more votes

A hilarious election report from the continuing farce that is Philippine politics: THE UNDISPUTED topnotcher of the Senate race didn’t make it in Batanes, the only province in the country that voted 13-0 for the People Power Coalition. And Noli de Castro smells something fishy. “Nadali tayo doon (They placed one over us there),” he […]

Impact a Bit Better

Please ignore my previous complaints about Impact ISP. Their service is better again, and it no longer aggravates me halfway to Neptune everytime I dial in. Wow, I’m reaching speeds as fast as 24 kbps! :P (Actually, that’s the best speed the phone lines in my village can handle. I’m open to any kind soul […]


By the way, if you’re a Star Trek fan like me, you probably couldn’t care less about Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation). But in case wou were one of those teeny-bopper fans at the time who actually liked Wesley, you can go here to follow his post-ST:TNG career. Apparently […]

Netscape 6 Letdown

ARGH! What a letdown it is to view my own site in Netscape 6. Is it my markup at fault? Or is it the browser? I know that when I code, IE5 almost always displays my layouts accurately, down to the pixel. NS6, on the other hand, is a constant trial of misaligned columns and […]

Luzon from Orbit

Hey, cool, it’s a photo of Luzon, from Manila to Taal Lake, as seen from orbit.