Kaycee Nicole was faked. Big time.

Good heavens. The Kaycee story just took a turn for the bizarre. The media is on it already, and word is flying that it’s going to make the news.

From bonzo, on the MeFi thread…

Kelli Swensen and the N’Sync girls created Kaycee (probably to meet boys online, etc). Julie’s photos were used because she was the star player in a High School near the girls. She was a popular girl so they made her into a fake online entity.

Debbie (Kelli’s mom) found out about the fake girl. She took over and introduced the cancer to try to touch the world. Debbie made Kaycee into her third child. It went on for too long. She decided to end it. Debbie doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She claimed to never get any gifts or money. She refused to tell who spoke on the phone as Kaycee. Charges have been filed by different parties. Law enforcement is involved, including Postal Investigators and possibly other law enforcement agencies. Expect it to hit the mass media in a few days.

I’m chatting about it now in the Kaycee-Nicole Yahoo Group chat room.