Thinking of Grad School

It’s time I started thinking about grad school.

Soon, if God wills it, I plan to move to the US to pursue my master’s degree. I’m aiming for something IT-related, building on my graphic design knowledge and pursuing further studies in web development. The problem is, I have no idea where to begin: what school can I go to, what graduate course should I take? I know web design and graphic art, but I don’t want to enroll in an Arts course. I want to seriously go into Perl, PHP, ASP, XML, Java — all of which I have no experience in, and which I want to learn in a controlled classroom environment. Where do I start? Should I go for a full-blown Computer Science program, or aim for a Graphic Design course with programming electives? Where in the US should I go? What schools offer an affordable but high-quality IT program for someone who came from a Communication Arts course?