Graphic Grace

Dani has a funny little story to tell you. It just goes to show that God does surf the internet. Graphic grace and divine providence at its all-time virtual best.

A strong gale blew all night, and I woke up to a dark, blustery morning, spotted with bursts of rain and gusty winds. Delightful. Don’t ask me why, but I love gloomy, dreary weather. Maybe because we’re coming from two and a half months of scorching sun and 45-degree heat. Well, looks like the rainy season has come a little early this year. Lovely, lovely.

Wait, now I know why I feel so good. The wind blew away the dank, brown layer of pollution that usually settles on Manila early in the morning. Today the air is clear, and a burden of lethargy and malaise has been lifted from my demeanor. I feel so bright and vibrant, despite not having had any coffee! Is this how people feel in cities with clean air? Man, I have to migrate. And soon.