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Fistful of leaves

This page looks ugly in Netscape 4.7. And the style sheets don’t work right. That’s okay. I know the problem isn’t my page; it’s Netscape! The problem’s always Netscape if it’s version 4.x. Any Netscape 6 users out there? How does the page look? Mobile [ 11/28/2000 6:29 pm ] I’m walking down De la […]

Bump in the night

Ugh, woke up late this morning because of my apartment-mate. I’m really glad he’s in the other room and not in mine, because he’s one of those types who usually forgets there are other people in the same time zone. Last night — or rather, early this morning at around 3 am — I was […]

Manipulating the Fickle Masses

Lots of anti-Erap rallies happening this week. Several groups from rural areas outside Manila are supposed to be converging on the city on Wednesday for a big one. And rich folk are hosting a free “People Power Lunch” for anti-Erap rallyists at the Ayala-Paseo intersection. Ha! Using Erap’s own pang-masa tactics against him. Maybe that, […]

After choir practice

We had choir practice for the Christmas cantata today, and yay, we finally finished the choreography for the whole piece! Now we just have to get down to memorizing it. After getting home and performing my daily ablutions, I committed myself to some serious quiet time with the Lord, which I haven’t really done in […]

First mobile blog

Mobile [ 11/25/2000 1.14 pm ] I am blogging from my cellphone while I wait in Jollibee. (Actually, I texted an abbreviated outline message to my email address, and now I’m copying, pasting and filling out the abbreviations in Blogger.) Today is not a fastfood day. For lunch in Alabang Town Center, I decided to […]

FB4F didn’t win

FB4F didn’t win the Web Award. But that’s okay, I wasn’t expecting to win. I praise God that I even reached the Finalists, which is a miracle all in itself. Well, now the awards are over, I can go about transitioning it to the more serious urban legends site over the weekend. I’m rather glad […]

Soulfulhunk is a troll.

How could I have been so blind? Eloquent and intelligent though he may sound, Pinoyexchange’s SoulfulHunk is just a troll! (Troll: a person who posts inflammatory threads in message boards with the purpose of deliberately invoking retaliatory replies.) Albeit a highly skilled troll. He knows how to go trolling without breaking — just bending — […]

My brain hurts.

I like MyBrainHurts. I always enjoy coming across Christians on the web, and this guy’s remarkable: passionate, yet refreshingly rational and informed about the faith. He has some good essays and theological resources, too. And wow, finishing his MA in Theology! On a technical note, I’m thinking of going mobile with this blog. With my […] is a pretty good resource for reviews and ratings of many free web hosts on the net. Their message board is especially useful, since a lot of users are on it, sharing their experiences with FWP’s.


Multi-level marketing. I love this article. Van Druff makes an excellent argument against the evils of multi-level marketing in all aspects: economic, social, ethical, and religious.