Soulfulhunk is a troll.

How could I have been so blind? Eloquent and intelligent though he may sound, Pinoyexchange’s SoulfulHunk is just a troll! (Troll: a person who posts inflammatory threads in message boards with the purpose of deliberately invoking retaliatory replies.)

Albeit a highly skilled troll. He knows how to go trolling without breaking — just bending — the rules. In some places, he knows just what buttons to push, and how to tweak people’s logic and arguments so they feel compelled to respond and disabuse him of his deliberately obfuscated notions. But now that we know he’s a troll, we know how to handle him, too: ignore him. Of course, he’ll claim that his threads are ignored or unresponded because his arguments are irrefutable and he’s too damn intelligent for you, but that’s okay. Now we know better.