First mobile blog

Mobile [ 11/25/2000 1.14 pm ] I am blogging from my cellphone while I wait in Jollibee. (Actually, I texted an abbreviated outline message to my email address, and now I’m copying, pasting and filling out the abbreviations in Blogger.) Today is not a fastfood day. For lunch in Alabang Town Center, I decided to try the newly reopened Carl’s Jr, then quickly left upon seeing the exorbitant prices: as much as P125 for a simple sandwich meal!

So I went to Subway, but an induhvidual in the line wanted to know if he could have roast beef and turkey breast in the same sandwich without having to pay extra. Then, when the attendant had put it on the bread already, he changed his mind and decided he wanted a different kind of bread. I left.

So here I am in Jollibee. And, stupid me, I order a Cheezy Bacon Mushroom burger, forgetting that you almost always have to wait for a Cheezy Bacon Mushroom in Jollibee. Now I’m waiting. That and the fries. Number 45. Murphy’s Law seems to be having some sort of field day.