Bump in the night

Ugh, woke up late this morning because of my apartment-mate. I’m really glad he’s in the other room and not in mine, because he’s one of those types who usually forgets there are other people in the same time zone.

Last night — or rather, early this morning at around 3 am — I was awakened by some rather loud scraping and creaking. He was moving furniture around his room. At 3 am in the morning, making the whole apartment vibrate with the noise. I can imagine how the poor girls downstairs must have felt, hearing beds being dragged around over their heads.

And yelling into the phone. He always yells into the phone. Whenever he talks to someone on the phone, he literally screams. Don’t ask me why. Neither he nor any of his friends and workmates are hearing-impaired or angry at him. He just raises his voice by multiples when talking to someone on the phone. Of course that means everyone in the apartment can hear his conversations, like it or not.

Watching movies. With the volume cranked up to full. Past midnight, when everyone’s sleeping. I had to knock on his door and tell him to turn it down. Sigh. He’s on the phone again right now. I’d better get to work.