The Pain

Is it just me, or is every free service on the Internet undergoing some sort of upgrade or revision at the same time? So far: Geocities, Blogger, and Hypermart have had downtimes and upgraded/modified/repaired their services, almost simultaneously. Well, things seem to be settling down again. Let’s hope this blog entry updates without a hitch.

I’ve uploaded my new site archive, A Brief History of Brownpau, to the old space in GeoCities. It’s really just an excuse to put something in that space para `di sayang, and also to give users some fun seeing what a crappy HTML designer I used to be. = P

I had a sesame bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. It cost more than it should have, because Au Bon Pain on Dela Rosa St. didn’t have any change for a hundred, so I had to get an additional bottle of apple juice to round out the cost. I don’t like Au Bon Pain much anymore, not sice I found that their “mocha blast” is just chocolate milk, and it costs more than a Starbucks iced cafe mocha.