Cantata? Or Web Awards?

The Philippine Web Awards is on Friday, and I got free tickets since FB4F is a finalist. But we have choir practice for our upcoming Christmas cantata at the same time, plus elections for the new deacons and elders of our church. I was not at peace over that, so I did a little praying tonight, and God has convicted me to go to church instead and seek his glory, not my own.

So I shall go to church. If FB4F does win an award — which I seriously doubt, considering the competition — then praise God for a miracle! But it’s far more important to devote this time to activity which will help win souls to Christ, especially since the Christmas cantata is so close already, but we still don’t have the music and choreography down pat.

I will give my tickets to the PEX moderators, since they need it. Pinoyexchange, I think, is definitely going to get something.