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This is my 50th Caturday post! Pandora had a vet visit yesterday, for a general checkup and nail-trimming. Due to my shoulder injuries I wanted to avoid hefting around her carrier, so I got a Kittywalk Stroller to roll her over to the vet in style. The stroller frame and wheels snap together easily, and […]

Lotion with FM Radio

This bottle of moisturizer was sitting behind a locked glass door at CVS. Free Mini FM radio with your lotion! I’m curious as to what PR/Marketing exec thought that one up. “I know! We’ll offer free cheap FM radios with our lotions! Of course that’ll be prone to shoplifting, so they’ll have to be locked […]

Shoppy, Potentially Snowy Weekend

It is a cold, blustery weekend, which Amy and I have so far filled up with registry shopping. We sauntered over to the new BB&B at Gallery Place/Chinatown to go scanner-happy on kitchen gadgets, paused for a Five Guys lunch, then Metro’d to the C&B at Clarendon for tableware, flatware, glassware, more kitchenware, bedding, and […]

Greenbelt Panoramas

I’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out at Greenbelt (last night to meet with old friends Tiff and Sonni), and I definitely like what they’ve done to the place. Long time readers will remember my post on Makati’s evolution — one that continues to this day. Witness what has become of that space […]

Happy Brownpau Christmas Shopping Suggestions

We’re a week into December! No doubt many of you have brows furrowed, stressed not only by the logistical and pecuniary pressures of shopping for gifts for family and friends, but also by the annual cognitive dissonance of coping with the blatantly materialist trappings with which this traditional Christian holiday has become associated in this […]

It’s a Brownpau Holiday Extravaganza!

If you’re still wondering about possible presents to give in this last week to shop before Christmas comes, remember that Pandora calendars, mugs, and dog shirts are still available, and BTQ shirts and mugs make perfect gifts for the language curmudgeons and philosophy professors in your life. Raffy and I also have a bunch of […]

Stuff with Pandora On It!

Come to the BrownpauShop, where you can get things with pictures of my cat on them!

Canon A300 for $99

Update: Sorry, it looks like the Canon A300 is back up to about $120. Still an okay price, but I’m going for the new Canon A400 instead. Amazon is was selling the Canon A300 3.2MP camera for just $99. I almost threw one in my shopping cart right then and there, till I saw this […]

Maids a-Milking

Ship of Fools’ Twelve Days of Kitschmas is out. I don’t think any Catholic household should go without a Bobblehead Mary. And for the Christian who needs a hug, what better hug to give than a Well Done Jesus Hug? Gifts should only be cleaned with Bar of Faith Prayer Soap and anointed only with […]

Like a real-life wiki!

If I ever visit Brooklyn, I’ll need to check out The Free Store, a literal “giveaway” merchandise store voluntarily maintained by its own customers. (Via Kottke’s Remainder.)