It’s a Brownpau Holiday Extravaganza!

If you’re still wondering about possible presents to give in this last week to shop before Christmas comes, remember that Pandora calendars, mugs, and dog shirts are still available, and BTQ shirts and mugs make perfect gifts for the language curmudgeons and philosophy professors in your life. Raffy and I also have a bunch of cool stocking stuffer roundups on Cheap And Tiny:

  • Stocking Stuffers for Dull Misers. USB Optical Liquid Mice with fishies, tiny robots, and the Return of the Ring Thing.
  • Cheap USB Cameras Galore. Skim the part about “lounging naked” before the image sears itself into your brain, and you’ll find some pretty good deals on basic USB webcams.
  • does cheap and tiny gift list. I was kind of miffed that New York Times would do a story on cheap and tiny gadgets for Christmas and not once even mention us. But it’s a long, hard road to fame and fortune. They’ll notice us one day. You’ll see.

Addendum: Thanks to the Kyriosity line of fashionable merchandise, I now know what “imprecatory” means.