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Comment Bugs and Coming Upgrades

I’ve been informed by a few people that posting a comment to my site is nearly impossible nowadays, usually resulting in Movable Type timing out, throwing an Error 500, and dumping core. I can’t trace the problem, but I hope it’s something that gets fixed when I can finally move the site to a more […]

A Request to Flickr

Hey, Flickr! I went and merged my Flickr login with my Yahoo account. It was seamless and hitch-free, even after closing my browser and reopening it to make sure the Flickr cookie was persistent between sessions. There. I’m happy. Okay? Are you happy? Good. I did it for you. Now you have to do something […]

Archive Index Redo

I’ve changed the main archive index template from raw, unformatted month and category lists to something cleaner and slightly 2.0-ier. The monthly links are now arranged into neat rows of months grouped by year (all Kottke-style), and the category list is now a weighted “tag cloud” of links (although strictly speaking, I’m not using MT’s […]

Mobile Posting Annoyances

As part of my plan to integrate mobile content into the main weblog stream, I’ve been wanting to start posting to HNBP by sending MMS messages from my phone to Flickr’s email-to-blog feature. There are a few problems with the process, however, as one may have seen while I was posting Test.jpg multiple times through […]

MT 3.32

I have now upgraded this site to Movable Type 3.32. The upgrade process was not without problems — but these could have been avoided with a little more attentiveness to similar issues during past upgrades. Kiss my ASCII First off, you must upload ASCII files explicitly as ASCII. Don’t trust whatever FTP app you use […]

Comments, Archives, and Speed

I discovered a few months ago that Movable Type commenting on HNBP was slowed down by republishing of static monthly and category archives. (See Scot Hacker’s Foobar Blog and for details.) Basically anything that had a pertinent tag in it was being rebuilt everytime a comment was submitted, and the default template was set […] Daily Blog Posting MT 3.2 API Login Issue

After doing a fresh install of Movable Type 3.2, I found that was no longer posting the daily linklog. Even after I updated the XML-RPC URL and username and password, the daily blog posting page would meet this error from Movable Type: metaWeblog.newPost fault was: Invalid login It turns out that you’re supposed to […]


As you can see, HNBP is back in action, and a few things have changed: All parts of the site (including inside static pages, not just the weblog) now run on Movable Type 3.2, in tandem with a bit of PHP for easier templating. I was partly inspired by Tim Murtaugh’s work on the MT-driven […]

Trackback Spam Attack

Yes, the spammers have figured out trackback, and are now pinging our trackback URLs repeatedly with multiple GET requests, littering our old, pingable weblog entries with links to sleazy sites for personal injury lawyers and Texas Holdem Poker. Seeing as how I want to avoid the drudgery of installing additional filtering, throttling, moderation, and other […]

MT 3.14

I’ve installed MT 3.14 to address the potential issue of comment spam and server load. It’s never been a problem for me, most likely thanks to MTCloseComments, which expires comment posting to keep the spammers — as well as Kaanibs and Rubenians — out of my archives. I hope other MT users on this shared […]