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Getting Cable While Losing the TV

Through years of apartment living, we’ve watched relatively little television — just LOST, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and the occasional Simpsons/Seinfeld rerun, really — so we’ve been satisfied to not have cable, sticking with just bunny ears, DVDs, and the internet; especially the internet. Services like Joost, Miro, Hulu, and various networks’ online episode viewers […]

Rack and Tea

For your viewing pleasure, two recently recorded time lapse home videos of a domestic nature. At left, I assemble a new clothing rack after the old wall rack broke, fell off its hooks, and dumped clothes, hangers, and closet storage accessories all over the room. (Hence the mess.) At right, an Adagio display tea (Red […]

Our First Christmas Tree

Amy got us a little Italian Stone Pine at Whole Foods to serve as our Christmas Tree, suitably tiny for our tiny apartment, and decorated with glittery birds and glass balls and lights from Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, and CVS. It’s not a very big or grand tree, and it still lacks a topper, but […]

African Violet Flower

The African Violet that won’t quit is still not quitting, and has put out yet another flower. Just one now, though, which makes me wonder if its health is declining.

Couch Assembly Timelapse

Here’s a time lapse video of me and my lovely wife assembling an IKEA LILLBERG loveseat generously gifted to us by her parents for our wedding. Video is roughly 12 seconds long, 12 fps, covering about 1 hour and 30 minutes of time. Regrettably, as with previous time lapses, I have forgotten once again to […]

New Apartment

Spent the weekend moving to the new apartment, with help from Steve and Saleh. The new place is five floors down and opposite the building from my old one. 525 sq. ft. corner 1BR with a view of the alleyway and a sliver of E Street. Same old tiny kitchen, slightly smaller bathroom than the […]

Office Chair Assembly Timelapse

Here is a timelapse video of me assembling a discount executive leather office chair I ordered from OfficeMax. It took me about ten minutes to realize partway through the process that I had put the arm rests on backward. In this video I am wearing my favorite batik house pants.

Freezer Broken

(Freezer Broken, uploaded by brownpau.) Friends, this is the freezer box of a compact Kenmore refrigerator from Sears. See the raised labyrinth-like pipes lining the platform? That’s a refrigerant coil. It contains freon (or some other non-ozone-depleting refrigerant substance for newer units). The coil is made of very thin and fragile aluminum. This is why […]

Found Tables

Above: a bunch of tables I found by the building dumpster last month. People throw out some of the most amazing things. See that last one? It’s a vintage typewriter stand from Metalstand, an old Philadelphia furniture company which used to manufacture aluminum furniture in the 1950s. This piece might just be that old, judging […]

Controlling the Infestation

AskMefi on cockroach extermination. I’ve been dealing with an infestation problem for the past few weeks now, even after bombing out the roaches’ main breeding grounds under the kitchen table and in the fuse box. They just move to a new spot in the room, and I can only spray Raid and apply Combat Gel […]