How to Clean a Toilet

There are two things that a man of my age should know, that I still don’t. One: How to drive a car. Two: How to clean a toilet.

Okay. Now it’s one thing.


  1. chase says:

    you mean I’m not the only one who still hasn’t learned how to drive a car?

    Well, I know a little. I have a liscense, but am limited to daytime driving because of my vision. I’m not comfortable with it either way. I rarely do.

  2. Richard says:

    I have a license (which, after five years, is up for renewal this month), and I only ever use it to drive when my friends want to drink. Transit is the way for me: cheap and it goes anywhere and everywhere. Sure, it takes three times as long as driving, but I always bring a book or magazine, so I make it worthwhile.

    I noticed in that page you linked that there were no diagrams or photographs for visual reference. *relieved*

  3. Paulo says:

    Actually I did take lessons in Manila, and I did get a license — but I never used it, and the few times I was able to get behind the wheel were near-disasters. I haven’t driven a car for four years now.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Paulo – my 22nd birthday’s coming up next month and everybody’s asking me why I don’t have my license yet. I’ve never gotten behind the wheel of a car – goin’ to school in San Francisco all this time, I always used the bus and train. I feel so much better about myself now!

  5. Vix says:

    Don’t feel too bad…i haven’t learned how to drive either – bad memories concerning a bush…

    maybe next year.

  6. Raffy says:

    Gee, I can drive, and I have a license. But I don’t have a car. So I guess it evens out…

    Besides, I agree with Richard, there’s a lot to be said for taking the time to commute.