Our First Christmas Tree

Amy got us a little Italian Stone Pine at Whole Foods to serve as our Christmas Tree, suitably tiny for our tiny apartment, and decorated with glittery birds and glass balls and lights from Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, and CVS. It’s not a very big or grand tree, and it still lacks a topper, but it’s still our first tree for our first Christmas as a married couple, and it smells nice.

IMG_0817.JPG IMG_0822.JPG

IMG_0821.JPG IMG_0820.JPG


  1. Mmmmm…. the smell of Xmas.

  2. COD says:

    At least you two were sensible. Our first married Christmas we were living in a 450 sq ft apt and we brought home an 8 foot tree that took almost the entire living space. I had to hack off a bunch of branches and about 2 feet from the top just to make it reasonable. Then it was too much for the hand me down stand we had, so I had to attach guy wires to the wall to hold it up. And being newlyweds, we owned about 3 ornaments between us so the tree was pretty much naked until we bought some cheap ornaments at a discount store.

    We still have a few of those cheapies from our first tree too.