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links for 2007-07-31

Generic Weather Widget- Simple PHP script to fetch and parse TXT forecast. (tags: php weather) Hell Under Fire? | By Farther Steps A study and defense of the traditional concept of hell as a place of wrath rather than separation or annihilation. (tags: faith theology hell) SFGate: An inside look at who jumps. […]


Sun disappearing behind growing cumulonimbus anvil to the west. Don’t know if that system will affect DC. Update: It didn’t. (Cloud.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

links for 2007-07-30

Metroblogging DC: Dead Birds Bring Metro Mess In which I write about Sunday’s Metro station closings due to multiple dead birds. (tags: dc metro birds animals death wtf news metblogs) Fogonazos: Top 10 Best Spacewalks in History. Some of the list items cover multiple spacewalks. (tags: space astronauts) Space Pragmatism. Pretty detailed space news weblog. […]


Fallen tree branch on sidewalk, 24th and L St NW. (Branch.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


No new cat photos today, but I was rooting around my Flickr archives and found this one of Pandora from about two years ago.

links for 2007-07-27

“The 21st century begins October 1, 1982.” EPCOT Center preview brochure before it opened. (tags: disney epcot retro future) MediaWiki Fratman Skin. Nice simple MediaWiki skin, should work for more than just fraternity manuals. (tags: design mediawiki) EM-DAT – International Disaster Database (tags: disaster) Anigao Girls. Literally “anime face”: Japanese girls who wear anime masks […]

Couch Assembly Timelapse

Here’s a time lapse video of me and my lovely wife assembling an IKEA LILLBERG loveseat generously gifted to us by her parents for our wedding. Video is roughly 12 seconds long, 12 fps, covering about 1 hour and 30 minutes of time. Regrettably, as with previous time lapses, I have forgotten once again to […]

Bad Space News

It’s been a bad couple of days for private and public spaceflight. In bullet points: NASA: Drunk astronauts. On some occasions, NASA astronauts consumed heady quantities of alcoholic inebriants during the required 12 hour preflight sober period. This SMH story tries to be witty and say the astronauts were blasted into space on alcohol for […]

links for 2007-07-26

Metroblogging DC: Gyros, Mon Cheri. In which I face a pronunciation quandary. (tags: metblogs dc food language) A Walk on the Wild Side ( Oldie but goodie: a WaPo writer tries walking down Route 50. Comments on walking, transportation, and urban and suburban development. (tags: dc transportation culture walking hiking) Second Life Bans Gambling Following […]


Just spotted a blue heron wading in Rock Creek under the M St NW bridge between 26th and 27th, but this mobile photo is so blurry it’s probably not visible. (RoCrHrn.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)