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Rained Out of RFK

Steve and I (and our respective significant others) were at RFK last night to watch the Nats/Phillies game, but after a few hotdogs and an hour of waiting, we figured it would be called, and left before the rain got any harder. It wasn’t a wasted trip; I’d never been to RFK before, and I […]

links for 2006-09-29

David Snoke: A Biblical Case for an Old Earth (tags: faith science books) Reformation21: Window on the Past: The Didache (tags: faith history) By Farther Steps: Didache Introduction. More commentary on the Reformation21 Didache article. (tags: faith history) Typhoon batters Metro Manila, Bicol. Typhoon Milenyo (International name Xangsane) toppled a billboard in Manila, killing […]

links for 2006-09-28

He Lives: Hewbrews 11 and Blind Faith. With biblical faith, it’s okay to ask “why,” to prove things and hold fast to that which is good. (tags: faith) New Horizons: Jupiter Ahoy! Pluto probe’s LORRI instrument takes distant photos of Jupiter. New Horizons will be swinging around Jupiter for a slingshot speed boost. (tags: space) […]

LOST Third Season is Coming

Those of you who haven’t been following LOST too closely, but want in on the upcoming third season, tonight is your lucky night: ABC is showing the requisite recap clip show to help newcomers (and overly rabid fans) get their LOST fill before the new season premiere next week. It’s been four months since the […]

links for 2006-09-27

Wisdump: Top 10 Web 2.0 Winners (tags: business net) Movable Type 3.33 / MT Enteprise 1.03 released. This is a required security update which you really should install. (tags: mt) dompdf – The PHP 5 HTML to PDF Converter (tags: php pdf tools) Antique Clipart – Free Public Domain Clipart (tags: clipart retro) 456 Berea […]

links for 2006-09-26

Capitol Police Were Warned of Holes in Security. Lieutenants Listed Flaws in Aug. Memo; No One Was Guarding Doorway That Intruder Burst Through. (tags: dc crime news police) Your cell phone is charged. Please unplug. Leaving your cellphone plugged in after charging continues to use electricity. Unplug to save. (tags: mobile environment energy) Fixing Haze […]

links for 2006-09-25

Excellent Metafilter post on Horlicks. Be sure to check out the “Night Starvation” comic. (tags: food metafilter) Wisdump: Top 10 Web 2.0 Losers (tags: business net) Line Rider – beta by ~fsk on deviantART. Draw a slope for the toboggan to roll down. Make him do tricks. (tags: flash fun) YouTube – Line Rider Helicopter […]

On Running and Pockets

All winter I slacked off my running because it was too cold. Through the spring I kept saying I would start running regularly again after it got just a bit warmer. For summer I was reluctant to go running because it was too hot. Finally it’s not too hot and it isn’t freezing cold and […]

Mayon Eruption Update: Over?

Props to JarodM for the photos. PHIVOLCS 9/23/2006 Mayon update reports weakening seismic activity and decreased lava flow. The Alert Level has been dropped to 3, refugees have been allowed to return to their homes near the volcano, and Mayon generally seems to be calming down. It’s probably a good thing that the eruption consisted […]

links for 2006-09-24

Internet Monk: Reduced to Jesus: A Worthy Life’s Quest. On theological reductionism and focusing on Christ. (tags: faith jesus) By Farther Steps: Can a church be a church without a preaching pastor? (tags: faith church) WaPo: Capitol Police Revise Details On Intruder. Carlos Greene was not caught by Capitol Police, but by Flag Office personnel. […]