Help Pyro Meet Batista

Hey Batista, if you’re reading this, want to make a suffering fan happy?

Meet Pyro, a 23 year old kid in the Philippines with cancer, courage, and just one wish: to meet Batista, the Filipino-Greek WWE wrestler, who comes from around the DC area. I’m not a wrestling kind of guy myself, but hey, if anyone knows how to get in touch with him, this could be an endeavor worthy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Via Cathcath.)


  1. The Ca t says:

    thanks pau.


    si pyro ay isang cute na two year old. tulad ng maraming normal na bata sa pilipinas, mahilig si pyro sa wrestling. in fact, alam niya na may SMACKDOWN sa pilipinas itong darating na october. pero hindi normal na batang pinoy si pyro. mayroon kasi siya…

  3. delish says:

    thanks brownpau :) it’s a long shot but things like this mean a lot…

  4. benj says:

    is this the same brownpau from pex?

    just blogged about pyro too. hopefully we get the word out. has he been on tv yet?

  5. T says:

    congrats, paulo.

    off topic if i may, just want to update about the blog brigade for pyro.

    Update on blog brigade for pyro.

    The latest is that jessica soho has already interviewed the boy and is going to be referred to the Kapuso Foundation. The wife of Batista is also a cancer survivor and she is arranging that her husband could meet pyro.

    pyro’s sending his appreciation.

    thanks for giving a space in your website.