DC Primary 2006

Post-election Results Update: Fenty has the Democratic mayoral nomination in the bag, Norton is still Congresswoman, Vincent Gray edged out Patterson for Council Chair, Mendelson thoroughly trounced Bolden, Wells got much of Ward 6, Panetta is Shadow Rep, and Shadow Senator went to the Other Michael Brown. NBC4.com has the tally, and more from DCDL, DC Metroblogging, DCist, DCeiver, MetaDC, ReadExpress, and WaPo.

DC Primary Elections today. My polling place, just two blocks from the Capitol, was largely empty, so the process was quick and painless (Except for the part where I went to the S-Z position on the desk rather than L-R. I guess my brain hiccuped and figured “O” was between S and Z.) I opted to vote by [non-Diebold] touch screen machine, though the ballot clerk told me more people were opting for paper since they didn’t trust the computer box.


My picks for the primary as a registered Ward 6 Democrat:

Mayor: Adrian Fenty. He’s vibrant and charming and has a decent council track record, plus he was a co-author of key Smokefree DC legislation. Mayor Williams derides him for his youth, but it’s specifically the idealism and passion of his age which makes him so appealing. Linda Cropp’s strongly negative campaign of attacks on Fenty (plus floods of trollish weblog comments) will probably backfire on her today.

Council Chairman-At-Large: Kathy Patterson. Ward 3 Councilmember and co-author of the DC Smokefree Workplaces Acts along with Fenty.

Council Member-At-Large: Phil Mendelson. Incumbent, very strong on labor and environment causes, as opposed to his opponent Scott Bolden, who is favored by big business interests, and whose campaign is riding more on race image.

Ward 6 Councilmember: Tommy Wells, because like me, he doesn’t have a car and is promising to work for a “livable and walkable community.” (The actual November election, however, is an even toss-up between Wells and Cobb.)

Delegate to the House: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, of course. Duh.

Shadow Senator and Representative: Philip Pannell and Mike Panetta respectively, as endorsed by DC For Democracy.

Here’s me with independent candidate Will Cobb (Democratic candidate until his filing deadline snafu. Here’s hoping his campaign can recover from that.)


More photos in the DC Primary 2006 photoset.


  1. thomas says:

    I had originally hoped Marie Johns could pull out a decent campaign, but when I figured out she couldn’t, I decided to support Fenty.

    Other than that, our picks are similar. I’m Ward 4.