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Line Numbers in TextWrangler

My text editor of choice on Mac OS X is TextWrangler. For free, TextWrangler gives you a basic text editor with all the standard functions, plus a robust set of extra features: syntax highlighting, FTP/SFTP editing, and loads of internet-smart text manipulation features like email quoting and unquoting, and the magical Zap Gremlins. I had […]

DC Heat Wave 2006: Part 2!

Just when we thought it had gotten as hot as it would get, it gets hotter this week, as the heat wave that has been killing people and baking much of the nation now heads for the East Coast. Warming Warnings are up, so here are a few tips on how to handle the coming […]

links for 2006-07-31

Amy Koslowski – Bulbs. Charcoal and Pastel on Toned Paper, 9″x12″ (tags: art) Amy Koslowski – I Tell You a Mystery. Oil on Linen, 50″x60″. (tags: art) Lisa Lebofsky: Painter/Metalsmith. (tags: art) Corey Bjarnson (tags: art)

Morris Park, The Bronx

Rusty handrail and old bridge sign at the Morris Park subway stop on the 5 Line, in the Bronx, NY:

links for 2006-07-29

Watching Beirut die. Anthony Bourdain writes about being in — and evacuating from — Beirut as it is bombed. (tags: news lebanon war) Spaceflight Now | STS-115 Shuttle Report | Mission Status Center. Updates on the upcoming launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis in August. (tags: space) Natalie Dee tries scrambling an ostrich egg. (tags: food […]

Office Chair Assembly Timelapse

Here is a timelapse video of me assembling a discount executive leather office chair I ordered from OfficeMax. It took me about ten minutes to realize partway through the process that I had put the arm rests on backward. In this video I am wearing my favorite batik house pants.


I’m trying out Vox, the new hosted weblog service by Six Apart (makers of Movable Type and Typepad, and acquisitors of Livejournal). So far I’ve been mostly disappointed, but that’s probably because my expectations of a weblog service are rather different from what people usually want. Apparently most of you out there want an easy […]

links for 2006-07-28

cheap and tiny // 2GB USB 2.0 Thumbdrive for $37 (tags: tech) cheap and tiny // Salton Wet Tunes Shower Radio and CD Player for $25 (tags: tech) Each white dot is a plane. Current (5 minute delay) air traffic over the USA. (tags: aviation) Microsoft to Push Out IE7 as High Priority Update – […]

links for 2006-07-26

“Noyses, sounds, and sweet aires”: Music in Early Modern England. An exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library. (tags: dc art music history shakespeare) Cassini RADAR Reveals Lakes on Titan At Last. Dark spots with sharp borders on Titan look a lot like bodies of liquid. (tags: space) Federal Air Marshals Placing Innocent People On Terror […]

Empty Encampment

This is the entrance to a Pepco power station on E Street near New Jersey Ave NW. There’s usually a homeless guy named Reggie camped out under the awning here, but lately he’s been gone, and the awning has been vacant. (Pepco put up the gate and NO TRESPASSING signs to try and keep him […]