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Religion is a ‘Chruch.’ HYCW on religion as crutch and church as chruch. / faithmarkup Reffy. Adminshop, Reffy, and referrer spamming. / spamscams How SMS.AC "invitations" work. They get a person to sign up for allegedly free text messaging, then that person exports their hotmail or yahoo contacts to, and, without clearly asking permission, […]

Nominated but deRandomized

Evangelical Underground seems to have nominated me for a weblog award in design. Yay! The thing is, I just killed the CSS randomizer to overhaul some of my code, so I’m not sure the design for which I was nominated is the same design that’s up right now (01/01). Why’d I kill the randomizer, you […]

Snowy Sunday: Followup

I have a big Snowy Sunday Photo Album coming up, complete with panoramic shots of various DC landmarks, and I also wanted to write about today’s reading on The Beatitudes, and about the wondrous hidden corners of the National Air and Space Museum, and about tonight’s wonderful performance of 17th Century Dutch popular music by […]

Snowy Sunday

It began late last night as a wintry mix of snow, rain, and ice pellets, but by morning it was steady snow: huge, damp flakes falling into early afternoon. After church and choir practice, with the snow still falling, I walked to the White House, down to the National Mall, Constitution Gardens, the World War […]

New Metro Signs

My resolve to skip the Metro has, of course, dropped with the temperature, so I’m back to taking the subway almost every day now. I’m glad to say that their service has improved greatly since the horrors of last year, and they continue to improve, now with a new sign format announcing train arrival times.

Passing a Cold Capitol

I walked by the Capitol this afternoon on my way to the nearest walkable Safeway. (SW Waterfront Safeway.) Clear, but gray and cloudy, temperature hovering just around freezing, with a light breeze bringing windchill down below. A photographer pauses to snap the Robert A. Taft Memorial near the Capitol. More on Robert Taft and his […]

The Gathering Shadow

The Star Wars Episode III scrolling intro is out, for you Star Wars fans who just can’t wait for the next crumb to drop from Lucas’ table. Here’s the first half of it: It is a time of uncertainty. The empire’s ambiguous tariff statutes mandate close reexamination of galactic import quotas. Interim Princess Agoomba has […]

MiniTru: Here For You

Here you go, Mr. Cheney. Please have a care for proper attire next time, but in the event such a doubleplusungood indiscretion reoccurs, we at MiniTru are at your service.

Aviation Disaster Movies

Want to rubberneck at videos of plane crashes and other aviation disasters? Then check out: Movies. The Ultimate Plane Crash Site. Broken links all over this old, long-abandoned page, but still lots of action-packed content, especially the CNN videos. BCIT/PFC Airline and Flight Operations Program Bonus Material. Not strictly plane crashes, but the A319 […]