Aristocratic Astronomy

ESA Spins Titan Landing Show Into Sludge. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one annoyed at how ESA is dragging its feet on revealing Huygens landing images to the public. When the Mars rovers landed, I was all over their raw image galleries, obsessively poring over every hazcam and navcam and pancam image in sheer amazement. When the Huygens data was received, ESA announced they had 350 photos, showed just one, then promptly switched over to long, fawning speeches by various European politicians. A couple more photos were put out, followed by a notice that no more would be shown tonight, press conference tomorrow, that’s it. What was up with that?

(Fortunately, the DISR data page briefly carried all the raw images from the lander’s DISR package, which I was able to mirror before the 404s attacked. So did Ha.)

Update: Hey, ESA wised up and published the raw images. Yay!