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Day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas. I’m home from home, rested and unpacked. Now I shall take a few minutes to blog before I head for the office. To continue where I left off last night, we woke up Christmas morning to a breakfast of lugaw (rice porridge) with various Chinese condiments (e.g. pickled seaweed, spiced […]

Merry Christmas

It’s not Christmas in this hemisphere anymore. :( But I know it’s still Christmas morning for you folks in the US, so Merry Christmas to you over there. :) It’s been a pleasant holiday for all. Christmas Mass at my Aunt’s was okay, and I was quite edified by Father Unson’s homily, where he covered […]

Christmas Eve 2001

Christmas Eve! Quite often, it is on this night that I feel even more Christmas-y than Christmas Day itself. I’m at home now (family-home in Greenhills, that is, not my apartment-home in the south suburbs), having arrived earlier this afternoon by taxi. Tonight we’ll be going off to my aunt’s place for Misa de Gallo […]

Isn’t it Ironic?

I was anemic but now I’m not, thanks to 325mg tablets of Ferrous Sulfate. Now I feel ironic.

Holiday Hustle And Bustle

Holiday hustle and bustle will probably keep me away from the Internet right up until Christmas Day itself, but I’m just getting on long enough to give a big smiling “Thanks!” to everyone who’s sent in a comment or an email of concern, encouragement, or simple holiday cheer! Have a merry Christmas, everyone and through […]

Makati Bomb Scare

At 7am this morning, a powerful explosive device was found between the Allied Bank and PLDT buildings on Ayala Ave. The area was evacuated, traffic cordoned off from the area, and a police squad was able to successfully defuse the bomb. (NEWS REPORT) This was less than a block from my office; practically across the […]

Closing Shop

Well, it’s official. As I expected, the bosses came in yesterday to tell us that, due to a combination of unprofitability and the Current Situation, the company is closing shop. Effective 1 Jan 2002, I will re-enter a state of employable mobility. It’s okay; the Lord provides in times of need. I’m getting interviewed tomorrow […]


I’ve read Heb 6:5-6 in context and wondered how that could possibly be reconciled with our eternal security in Christ? Then I realized something: the Bible is not saying that God withdraws his love and salvation from one who falls away. Rather, that verse in Hebrews states that the man who falls away — who […]

un-Christian Erap

Atty. Raymond Fortun, lawyer of ousted leader Joseph Estrada, says it is un-Christian of the courts not to let him go on a Christmas furlough to visit home for the holidays. WHAT?!? First off, ex-president Estrada is under incarceration because he is charged with the non-bailable offense of economic plunder. He is by law supposed […]

Guidon reunion

I’m back from TheGUIDON reunion! (For those of you who don’t know, TheGUIDON is Ateneo’s student newspaper, and is an especially fertile training ground for journalism, graphic design, business and logistics management, and other related fields. I was once Graphic Design and Photo editor, and I owe much of my initial professional experience to long […]