Guidon reunion

I’m back from TheGUIDON reunion! (For those of you who don’t know, TheGUIDON is Ateneo’s student newspaper, and is an especially fertile training ground for journalism, graphic design, business and logistics management, and other related fields. I was once Graphic Design and Photo editor, and I owe much of my initial professional experience to long hard days working in TheGUIDON.)

Kudos to the current editorial board — and their aspiring successors — for putting together an excellent weblaunch party and alumni reunion. Our batch couldn’t have done better. The org is in impressive shape, and I feel proud. (I also feel OLD. All those unfamiliar young faces…) More on that at Black Weekend. :)

After the party, I went out with the editors of my batch to make tsika over Struan and Tang tea and scones. Gossip and wit aplenty, clear into the wee hours.

Regarding my upcoming renewal of career market potentiality (I do so love that euphemism), I remember saying not to worry, and I was right; even more possibilities have presented themselves. Truly, surrendering your problems to the Lord, and seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness, will produce great results. What a mighty Savior we have in Jesus, who sees not only to our afterlife, but to our regular daily life as well. :)

Man, it’s almost 4am. I never stay up this late. I’m off to bed.