Get cracking!

As I sit here, eating my leftover lemongrass chicken with rice and chili-garlic sauce, I think to myself: whatever happened to my earlier plans to leave for the US in pursuit of that M.A. in Graphic Design?

Events since then have given me some pause. Certain loved ones in my life aren’t too eager to see me go There now, for fear of my catching anthrax or being caught in a tall building near low-flying planes. Am I being silly, or at least ridiculously cautious, to give credence to these fears?

And who am I fooling? I’ve been slacking off. After finding the schools and courses I want to aim for, I’ve procrastinated on getting admissions forms or requirements. “Later, later, tomorrow, tomorrow, busy, busy.”

Ack! it’s been four months of tomorrows, and the admissions deadlines are coming. I’d better get cracking.